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Yakult is the world’s
leading probiotic drink

Yakult is the world’s leading probiotic drink created in Japan in 1935. It is produced by Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd in Japan – the world’s pioneer in probiotics.

Science and research are the basis of our business. We have institutes in both Japan and Europe that are committed to discovering the endless applications for probiotics as well as the use of intestinal bacteria in human health globally. For more information about our science institutes, please visit institute.yakult.co.jp/index_en.php


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Q. What is Yakult?

Yakult is a probiotic health drink, which contains more than 8 billion beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota). Many scientific papers have been published and there are many evidences that the bacteria in Yakult are resistant to gastric juices and bile and reach the intestine alive. Daily consumption of Yakult helps improve digestion and helps build immunity.

Q. Who can drink Yakult?

Yakult is recommended for all age groups including children (1 year and above) and pregnant women. Yakult is a health drink which should be consumed everyday as a part of your daily diet.

Q. Can diabetics drink Yakult?

Yakult contains sugar, so if you are diabetic, it is best to consult your doctor.

Q. How did the word Yakult originate?

The word “Yakult” is derived from the word “Jahurto”, meaning “yoghurt” in Esperanto.

Q. Is 80 ml of Yakult enough for both children and adults?

According to our studies, 80 ml of Yakult contains sufficient beneficial bacteria (8 billion Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota) to favourably impact the balance of the gut flora for all age groups. If you wish to consume more than a bottle, as part of a normal balanced diet, you can consume it.

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Dr Minoru Shirota successfully cultured Lactobacillus Caseistrain Shirota


Yakult started to be manufactured and sold


Yakult Honsha building was established in Tokyo
Research institute was established in Kyoto


Yakult lady home delivery begin


Yakult Taiwan opens, Yakult’s first overseas business


Yakult research institute is established (Now known as central institute)


Yakult’s first iconic bottle is introduced


New Headquarter building is completed in central Tokyo


Yakult Swallows win first Japanese’s professional Baseball league championship


Yakult Honsha is listed in the first section of Tokyo stock exchange


Fuji Susono dairy product manufacturing plant is completed


Yakult is approved as ‘’ Food for specific health uses (FOSHU)’’ by Japanese ministry of health and welfare.


Yakult Middle East FZCO office was established in Dubai, UAE


Opening of newly renovated Yakult central institute.


Yakult Middle East starts marketing Yakult product


Yakult Middle East Introduces Yakult Light to UAE.


Yakult Middle East Introduces Yakult Gold to UAE.

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