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How to Stay Immune with Probiotics While Seasons are Changing?
December 15, 2020

We all hate the common colds and flu we get once the seasons start changing. Usually, we start getting sick once the fall season arrives and kids go back to school. It’s so easy to catch a common cold and pass it on to other people but, what would be better than being immune to this?

Immunity is our own body’s ability to defend itself against foreign bodies and microorganisms such as rejecting infectious viruses, removing dust particles from the lungs, and even killing cancerous cells.

Some immunity could be innate, which protects us against some pathogens, but is hard for our immune system to remember therefore it gives a short-term immunity.

Other immunity could be adaptive, which has a long-term memory and can help protect us from various reoccurring pathogens.

One way to keep our immunity strong is by vaccination. Therefore, it is important to take your flu shots annually for better protection against the common cold and flu.

Another way is by keeping your gut microbiome healthy. As studies show, 70% of our immunity is in our intestines. This means that providing your intestines with beneficial bacteria can help boost your immunity vastly.

It’s fascinating how your gut health can reflect on your overall wellbeing.

Various studies have shown the effect of probiotics on your immune system.

A study performed on 9 healthy volunteers who were taking a fermented milk drink that contains 4×1010 of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (probiotic) daily for 3 weeks showed that the NK levels (Natural Killer cells sent to our body by our immune system) were elevated after 3 weeks of intake and remained elevated for the next 3 weeks.

This proves that your daily intake of Yakult can indeed help in boosting your immunity.

Enjoy this drink once per day, and observe the difference in your health!

Stay safe and well this winter season!

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