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Dubai Fitness Challenge 30×30
November 22, 2020

DFC was Launched in 2017, the challenge is simple: complete 30 minutes of activity each day for 30 days. Dubai Fitness Challenge helps create a fitness-focused mindset and inspires us all to seek healthy, active lifestyles. With a month-long calendar of free workouts, exciting fitness events, and wellness-centric entertainment.

This year, Yakult Middle East has partnered with the Dubai Fitness Challenge to promote health and increase awareness about the importance of maintaining the overall health of our bodies. This initiative is promoting a long-term healthy lifestyle among all ages of the community members through different levels of physical activities. This initiative is motivating Dubai residents to take the challenge and be part of the change toward a healthier society.

Dubai Fitness Challenge is aligned with Yakult’s philosophy of promoting health and happiness to all people around the world. Yakult is a healthy probiotic drink that contains active live bacteria that helps in improving digestion and boosting immunity. Yakult Middle East is committed to encouraging a healthy lifestyle by sampling Yakult to participants during the 30 days of the challenge to boost their immunity. We believe that participants have enjoyed the great taste and benefits of Yakult and they will make it part of their daily health routine.


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