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Yakult Art Contest
October 30, 2018

Japan was the guest of honour for the 2018 Sharjah Book Fair. To commemorate this special occasion, an art contest was organized by Yakult Middle East to interact and engage with more children.

The contest was aimed to create awareness among the children on the benefits of Yakult Probiotic Drink. Concept was to encourage the children to use their imagination to create a painting, highlighting the benefits of Yakult. Themes were 1.Good Health and Yakult, 2. Your Yakult Super Hero.and children from age group 5-18 were encourage to participate in this activity. The participants have to upload their works to Yakult Social Media with #CreateYourImagination. Three best entries were judged by architect Takeshi Harikai. Winners were awarded with Virgin Megastore Vouchers.


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