Search & Win Campaign

On April 2018, Yakult Middle East launched Search & Tell campaign on its social media, for the purpose of educating people about the benefits of probiotics and positive effect of Lactobacillus caseistrain Shirota bacteria.

Spinneys Cup Event 2018

Spinneys cup is an event organized for spinneys customers specially families under the purpose of Eat Well LIVE WELL.

250 bottles of Yakult original and light were sampled to attendees. Lots of families and children were enjoying the taste of Yakult and other activitiesgiven by Yakult


A contest was held in September 2018 at the time of reopening of schools in UAE. The contest was to create awareness on Yakult and health aspects. The customers have to buy 2 Yakult packs and upload their receipt as proof of purchase in order to get a chance to win Dirham 500 vouchers. The promotion was open to all UAE residents and was held from 10th September 2018 to 24th September 2018.