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Yakult: The Fermented Dairy Product You Should Be Drinking
August 29, 2019

Not all dairy products are made in the same way, there’s a huge difference between the word milk and fermented milk. Although Yakult is milk, it’s important to consider how it’s made. The process of fermentation to produce Yakult provides probiotics – the live beneficial bacteria. The probiotics produced during the fermentation process are very important for a healthy gut and strong immunity.

Because our gut is the place where nutrients get absorbed, it’s considered vital to our health. Some factors such as aging, stress, antibiotics, and unhealthy eating habits can contribute to the condition of our gut and increase the level of bad bacteria. There must be a focus on eating healthy along with taking probiotics daily to balance and sustain the microbiome.

Each bottle of Yakult contains 8 Billion live beneficial bacteria that would reach your intestines alive to increase the level of good bacteria and reduce the harmful ones, help us avoid constipation or diarrhea, reduce harmful substances from our bodies, and help boost our body’s immunity in fighting infectious diseases.

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