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Enjoy Eid without giving your Stomach a hard time
June 2, 2019

Eid is celebrated to mark the end of Ramadan. This celebration spread great joy & happiness all around the world. After a month of fasting, its time to celebrate Eid ul fitir with yummy treats. However; during Eid celebrations, people tend to consume lots of sweets & chocolates.
Our bodies have adapted itself for one-month routine schedule and any sudden changes in this can lead to indigestion and bloating.
Individuals should control the intake level of calories & sugar to maintain the overall health of digestion and to avoid any discomfort feelings.
Below are some tips to practice during Eid days:
• Drink sufficient amount of water
• Control the intake level of fats & sugar
• Increase the intake level of vegetable
• Do some Morning exercise
• Replace sweets with fruits and dates

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