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4 Cooling Drinks to Keep You Hydrated All Summer
June 11, 2019

Since the human bodies are made up of 60% water, hydration is absolutely essential during the draining summer months. Hydration is the best way to regulate blood pressure, move waste away, and aid in digestion.
According to the latest researches, the human gut doesn’t work only on digesting food but also act as the second brain by communicating with the rest of the body organs. The healthy digestive system can impact on your mood level and make you more active. There are some effective ways to maintain healthy gut such as drinking sufficient amount of water daily and taking probiotics.
How to keep yourself hydrated?
The good part is that are lots of delicious drinks beside water that can keep you dehydrated and supply your body with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.
Have a look!

1. Coconut water: coconut water is one of the best hydrating drinks since it contains low calories and energizes the body with a sufficient amount of potassium.

2. Milk: if you don’t know, Milk is a good option for re-hydration as it contains protein, carbs, and sodium. You can now enjoy Yakult, which is considered fermented milk drink with probiotics that will keep your digestive system healthy. Milk & Probiotics are friends of digestion!

3. lemon water: water with added lemon is considered one of the well-known drinks for hydration. Lemon helps in detoxifying the body and supplying the body with an adequate amount of vitamin C

4. Chia seeds with Yakult: since chia seeds absorb 10 times of its weight in water, they are considered a great option to beat the summer heat as they cool down the body. You can even add Chia seeds to Yakult to make a fresh chilled hydrating drink

As you have many options to choose from, don’t forget to hydrate your body!

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